ARTIST Vincent Kwun Leung Lee
ARTWORK TITLE (CHI) 玫瑰崗中國視覺藝術實驗計劃
ARTWORK TITLE (ENG) Chinese Visual Arts by Rosarians
MEDIA Incenses, Chinese Ink on Xuanzhi Paper, Chinese Ink on Xuanzhi Paper being wrapped onto Square Frame
YEAR 2005
DIMENSION 20.00cm x 20.00cm x 20.00cm x 0.00cm (L x W x H x D)
PERSONAL / GROUP WORK Grop Work: HKCEE and HKALE Art students from Rosaryhill School
Mixed Media

The CUHK Fine Arts often supposes that I am that type of “British-Hong Kong colonial debris” model student described by DAB Councillor Lee Kwai Chun, with ignorance on the academic researches of Chinese art history and Sinology; and thus it refuses to give me either BA or postgraduate offer. The HKBU AVA supposes that I am ignorant with conceptual and multi-media art. But, these two assumptions are misleading.

During my studies at CCGSS and Rosaryhill School, my artistic horizon has already been very broad which inclined to an earlier mode of maturity in creative thinking if comparing with other art youngsters from my generation: Rosaryhill collaborated with Kadoorie Farm to organize an “Environmental Art Orientation Camp”, and I created an installation at the peak by inserting incenses for expressing the Buddhist-Taoist philosophical ideas of “Union between Heaven and Man” and “Worshipping Heaven and Earth as Empirical Creator”. Miss Kitty Ho, the RHS Deputy Principal who is an FAA alumnus from CUHK, invited his “Clementi” mentor Kwok Mang Ho, the King of Frog from Cattle Depot, to organize a Neo-Ink Experimental Workshop at Rosaryhill. This workshop enabled us to comprehend the inter-relationships among Chinese ink, calligraphy, collage, installation, happening and multimedia art.

Up to early 2005, Rosaryhill collaborated with Sun Hung Kai Chinese Ink Association to create a series of “Chinese-ink lantern box installations” at Sha Tin New Town Plaza. The creative theme was about the local cultural features of Hong Kong. I adopted the “xieyi” and “baimiao” brush methodologies to portray the episodes of local snacks on streets for the surfaces of my own lantern box. This group project was supported by Sun Hung Kai Properties, and its authoritativeness should deserve the acknowledgements from the academia.

From the three aforesaid experimental projects, you would find that I did fulfill the ideal of “Recognizing China with dedication to community care” advocated by CUHK Fine Arts. On the other hand, the inter-disciplinary notion of "Chinese Visual Arts" originates from Dr. Daniel Lau Chak-kwong's academic interpretation.

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小弟在長洲官中及玫瑰崗時代美術視野上已邁向比其他學校的同齡層「早熟」:玫瑰崗跟嘉道里農場合辦「環境藝術野外定向營」,我在山頂上創作一個插滿香燭的裝置藝術,表達「天地君親師」及「天人合一」之儒家和道家哲學。身為中大藝術系系友的副校長Miss Kitty Ho誠邀長駐「牛棚」的金文泰中學學長「蛙王」郭孟浩蒞臨玫瑰崗舉辦新水墨工作坊,讓我們了解水墨、書法、拼貼、裝置、行為藝術及多媒體六者之間的關係。


The "Environmental Art Orientation Camp" at Kadoorie Farm included the participation of A-Level Art teacher and students from Sheung Kwai Chung Government Secondary School.

The Chinese-ink lantern boxes were exhibited at both Sha Tin New Town Plaza in February 2005 and the Artland Gallery in January 2006.
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