NAME (ENG) Chris Wong
SEX Unknown
Mixed Media
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Chris Wong graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in Fine Arts, followed by PGDE and M.A. She was awarded the TAL Scholarship to complete her M.A. in Fine Arts in the U.K. in 2011. She has been dedicating to art education while continuing with art making. Wong participated in local and overseas joint exhibitions, including the first solo exhibition in 2005. She received Two-dimensional Art Award in "Gallery Ferry Competition, a Dynamic City" (2003) and came second (open group) in “Clouds Ramble, Rain Is Brought Forth” Art Contest, Galerie Klee (2010). Her art pieces were also selected as finalist in both painting and installation sections in Philippe Charriol Foundation Art Competition (2004 & 2005) and Hong Kong Art Biennial 2005.
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SELECTED EXHIBITION(S) 2015 MobArt pop up art store/exhibition, PMQ, HK
2014 “Through Our Eyes” Photography Exhibition, Hong Kong Baptist University, HK
2013 Hong Kong Contemporary Art Fair
2012 MA Fine Art Final Show 2012, London
2011 “Breeze” MA Fine Art and Research Students Interim Show 2012, Mile End Art Pavilion, London
2010 Winner Exhibition of “Clouds Ramble, Rain Is Brought Forth.” Art Contest, Galerie Klee,
Lui Chun Kwong. “You Are Here, I Am Not.” From Ho Siu Kee to Kong Chun Hei, Osage, HK
2007 Studio Open House, 50th Anniversary of Department of Fine Arts, CUHK, HK
2005 “My Fair Lady-Female Art Exhibition”, TOO ART
Finalist Exhibition of Philippe Charriol Foundation 20th Anniversary Art Competition
"Sound in Silence”-Solo Exhibition, Breakthrough Art Gallery
Hong Kong Art Biennial 2005
2004 Exhibition of Fine Arts
Graduation Exhibition of Fine Arts, CUHK
Finalist Exhibition of Philippe Charriol Foundation 18th Art Competition
2003 “Allen & Overy Art Exhibition”, Winner Exhibition of "Gallery Ferry Competition, a Dynamic City", "The Year 4 Show”
2002 “The Color Show”, CUHK
2001 “Through”, CUHK
2001, 2003, 2004 Fine Arts Annual Exhibition, CUHK
2002, 2003 Annual Exhibition, Art Festival CUHK
2008-11, 2014-6 “Fotanian”
AWARD(S) 2013 Finalist, Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award
2011 Textile Alliance Scholarship, The Lees Charitable Foundation Ltd.
2010 Second (Open Group), “Clouds Ramble, Rain Is Brought Forth” Art Contest, Galerie Klee
2005 Finalist, Hong Kong Art Biennial 2005
2005 Finalist (Painting), Philippe Charriol Foundation 20th Art Competition
2004 Finalist (Painting & Installation), Philippe Charriol Foundation 18th Art Competition
2003 Two-dimensional Art Award, "Gallery Ferry Competition, a Dynamic City", held by Art Promotion Office of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, New World First Ferry Services Limited and New World First Bus Services Limited
2003 Finalist, the 7th International Art Fair 2003, UCAN Art Spot
2003 Open Group Distinguish Award, the 2nd Promotion of Chinese Culture: Calligraphy & Painting Competition
OTHER INFORMATION As far as nature, not only in terms of content but also medium, is concerned, natural resources are gathered as inspirations and memories, traces of nature are left on the work while exploring different ways of engaging them directly as raw materials for art making; retaining transcultural memories in the work. Refinement is constituted through various means of transforming natural materials, which reminds us of the absence of materials and the texture of time and space.

Consciousness disappears through the repetition of simple elements or steps. Sensation and subtlety are gradually shown on the piece of art while transient moments with nature are captured, intertwining between borders of freedom and control, transformation and preservation, memory and oblivion.