Originally launched to connect artists and curators, Ignite! Hong Kong Art Portfolio Collection has developed into an online platform showcasing the creative ideas and portfolios of Hong Kong artists to a wider audience. The last three open calls for participants saw many local artists and talented creators upload their works and portfolios to the platform, and several of them were later invited to participate in the Sparkle! exhibition series in 2014 and 2015 and other art activities held at Oi!.

Ignite! is launching a new open call for portfolios:
Now with the advantage of three years of experience as well as feedback and advice from users, Ignite! is pleased to announce a new stage of development for the platform – to build an art sharing community enabling participating artists and creators to promote their works and allowing the public to interact with these talented locals.

Share your creativity with us – and help us set course for a new horizon in art!








  1. Why should I sign up on Ignite! platform?
    You may enjoy advanced features such as following your favorite artists and saving their artworks.

  2. What happens when I follow an artist?
    By following an artist, email notifications will be sent to your registered email address when the artist updates his/ her portfolio.

  3. Where do I find my saved collection?
    You may find your saved artworks by clicking “My Collection” on the bottom of the left side bar. You may as well create up to 10 albums and classify the artworks according to your preferences.

  4. Are the artworks on Ignite! platform for sale?
    Please feel free to sign up and use the “Send private message” feature to connect with artists personally and inquire.

  5. Is it possible to see the artworks in person?
    While you may inquire individual artist, some of the artists were invited to join Sparkle! exhibition series and other art activities held in Oi! in the past. We also aim to create more showcasing opportunities for artists in the future.

  1. Why should I join Ignite! Hong Kong Art Portfolio Collection?
    Ignite! is a great platform to display your artworks to public as well as curators. New features such as “Follow Artist” and “Send Private Message” connect and facilitate interactions between artists, public and curators. While some artists were invited to join Sparkle! exhibition series and other art activities held at Oi! in the past, Ignite! as an online platform also brings new and exciting opportunities.

  2. Am I eligible to join?
    All artists that currently live or work in Hong Kong are welcome.

  3. Is this platform only for visual art?
    While we expect the artworks to contain certain visual elements, we welcome and encourage innovative works that experiment with different media or challenge the traditional notions of art. Designers, architects, sound artists, and all other creative talents are welcome to share their visions and works on Ignite!.

  4. Must I provide information in both Chinese and English?
    It is not mandatory, however, encouraged for artists to write in both languages to cater viewers with different backgrounds.

  5. Is there a maximum number of works I can upload on Ignite! platform?
    Each artist can upload up to 10 works with images and information.

  6. Must all the works be individual projects only?
    All submissions of work must be made only by the original creator and owner of the intellectual property rights. However, group projects are welcome with the consent of other parties and acknowledgement. (Please refer to section items 3 and 4 of the Terms and Conditions.) The website administrator reserves the right to delete any entries that infringe others’ rights, and participants must take full responsibilities of such infringement.

  7. Is there any form of censorship on Ignite! platform?
    Entries are not limited or censored under normal circumstances. However, please always be respectful and treat Ignite! as a platform to showcase your artworks and creativities only.

  8. Can I delete my account after registration?
    It is possible to delete your account by writing to support@igniteart.hk with your registered email address. Please note that each email address can only be registered once.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.


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