NAME (ENG) Cecilia Man
NAME (CHI) 文秀娟
Mixed Media
oil and acrylic on canvas (visual and conceptual arts)
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Cecilia Man
Cecilia Man born and raised in Hong Kong, had been a full time administrative worker in commercial industry and university until end of 2012. Her endeavor in art and colors had turned into a driving force in achieving an Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts from Professional and Continuing Education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She began actively involved in various local art showings, art jamming with different artists in Hong Kong with “Time Series” exhibition in Hong Kong Central Library in 2013; ‘Ignite! Lightning Talks by Hong Kong Artists’ by Hong Kong Art Promotion Office in January, 2014.

She hopes, by way of art and patch of colors that being so direct and immediate, everyone would be able to create a dialogue with colors, experience art as never before. Perhaps to seek an opening for more than one solution.

Arts are unconventional – Appreciation of art should not be pricey and commercial. A picture hanging or own one would surely shed light in all lodges.

Arts for exhibitors – Art can be displayed randomly in communities, funeral/memorial homes, merchandise and shops, caterers and eateries.

The production of “Time Series” which records activities in the history of time motivated to the making of “Closure” in 2015. “Closure”, art ceramic tile from images of original art paintings is a memorial keepsake which provides clues to an individual’s thoughts and feelings – much of what we understand the time history one has travelled on earth.

In a social domain, art provides an awakening to the world around us. Sensibility and imagination can be very personal and private. We can enjoy the rosy radiance of morning in private, the colored work of Paul Gauguin in silence. However, if ever the imaginative product turns to become a social contribution to the culture, then that social contribution will become a representation. She is working to the goal of making a representation.
(within 1000 Characters)
Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts from Professional and Continuing Education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
SELECTED EXHIBITION(S) Visual and Conceptual Arts. ‘Time Series’ are made up of Time of Season; Time of A Day; Travelled in Time; Time on Earth; Wood, Flames and Smoke in Series of Time; Time in Space.
1. Time of Season – Four Seasons in nature cycle - 3’x4’ Oil and acrylic on canvas. ‘Buds’ and ‘Seeds’ were employed to illustrate the change of
2. Time of A Day – A day Agenda with nature cycle of sun and moon
3’x4’ Oil on canvas. I am thinking of how to integrate art with nature, environment and our encounters of life from a day’s activities.
3. Travelled in Time – Like science fiction with forms and objects travel backward and forward in the time machine. 3’x4’ Oil and acrylic on canvas.
4. Time on Earth(i) (ii) – My dream work
2’x3’ Oil on canvas. (i) A bustling street filled with artists with devotion in art. Outlined human being were many passers-by (including you and me) who once existed in the history of time. (ii) This is an elaborative imagination, by corner of a church with passers-by.
5. Wood, Flames and Smoke in Series of Time (i) (ii) – 2’x3’ Oil on canvas. Woods and tress that burned are seen in fire flames and then on to smoke. Wood, Flames, Smoke have existed in our time.
6. Time in Space (i), (ii), (iii), (iv) – Times, hours passed like spheres appears and vanish. 2’x3’ Oil on canvas. (i, ii) Round spheres representing earth, what is found on earth are hours in time. Like all human beings, I am travelling in the series of time.
OTHER INFORMATION I trust the funeral service gives assistance to mourners a good grief. To achieve a level of emotional outlet, I believe art is the window of opportunity to express thoughts or to “get things off your chest”.

Currently, I am working on introducing colors into cemeteries. The colored art ceramic tile, originated from an art image will be burned from an electronic prototype machine that coat the image onto the ceramic tile. The ceramic tile is a high quality proven material measuring 4” x 5” or 10.2 cm x 12.7 cm with thickness of 0.5 cm. It is a weatherproof material in resistance of damp, heat and rain. Right now, both ceramic tile and the image processing are supplied and done by a trustworthy Hong Kong professional ceramic photo manufacturer. Chosen by an individual or a family member, this art ceramic tile can be placed at back or front of the gravestone as a memorable keepsake.

I hope this finished transformed art ceramic tile will become a unique representation to a well lived life. This can create an atmosphere to express condolences in this contemporary society.